Smoking and Infertility

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day (May 31st) it is important to think about the affect of Smoking on Fertility. Smoking causes Infertility in both men and women – a fact that has been affirmed by many studies and research papers worldwide.

Although it is difficult to single out smoking as the cause of infertility; it is observed that tobacco smokers are more likely to have have fertility issues as compared to non-smokers. The toxins in tobacco have adverse effect not only on lungs, but also your body’s your reproductive system.

According  to research by AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE ” The best available scientific data indicate that cigarette smoking strongly contributes to infertility. Smoking should be discouraged for both male and female partners in couples with a history of infertility or recurrent miscarriage. Smoking cessation may improve natural fertility and success rates with   infertility treatment.”

Smoking & Male Infertility

There have been many studies proving the bad effect of smoking on male fertility. Male smokers are said to have decreased sperm count  and hence decreased fertility. Tobacco chewing like smoking also has bad effect. According to a research men who chew tobacco frequently were found to have very low sperm count.

Smoking & Female Infertility

Female smokers are found to have decreased rates of fertility due to decreased fallopian tube function. The smoking on female may result in:

    • Issues with ovaries as Nicotine & harmful chemicals in cigarettes interfere with the body’s ability to create estrogen, a hormone that regulates folliculogenesis and ovulation.
    • Issues with the Fallopian tubes: Smoking may block the Fallopian thus preventing egg and sperm from meeting
    • Abnormal pregnancy that can be life threatening
    • Changes to the Cervix and cervical cancer
Here are some facts about smoking and pregnancy


  • Makes you more likely to be infertile
  • Reduces chances of IVF producing a live birth
  • Increases the risk of an IVF pregnancy miscarrying

Quit Smoking!

“I have been smoking for last 10 years – will it help now to quit smoking?”

The amount of damage that tobacco can do is depends on amount (nos of cigarettes)  and length of time you smoke. Some damage is irreversible, but stopping the habit of smoking can prevent further damage.

Quit Smoking! Quitting smoking is one of the most important thing that you can do to increase your chances of fertility (with obvious side effect of better health). We normally advise couples to definitely quit smoking during the period of treatment.

On this World No Tobacco Day all of the couples going for fertility treatment should at least resolve that they will not smoke – for better chances of their fertility …