How to Start

The Infertility treatment at our Fertility Clinic normally starts with an Initial Counselling. We offer free counselling to childless couples where you can send your reports and your questions for free opinion. This is usually followed by Investigations which help to identify the cause of the difficulty in conceiving. Based on the investigation a treatment plan is advised.

Once the couple make a decision to take treatment we schedule the appointment and start pre-treatment investigations.
The treatment may take a number of months in order to succeed, & during this regular monitoring by fertility professional is maintained. Based on treatment outcome a review consultation is done.

If a couple is not successful in conceiving a baby despite a year of well-timed, unprotected intercourse at regular interval – they should seek the medical help. Here the above steps described in detail on how you can start with the fertility treatment at Dr. Nirmala Agrawal’s Fertility Center.

Start with Infertility Treatment

Step 1: Initial Counseling

The success of infertility treatment depends on identifying the root of the problem. The root cause of infertility depends on various factors including lifestyle, history of medical issues and genetics. The effective treatments for infertility may be different from couple to couple. While the treatment for infertility could be as simple as correctly timing one’s intercourse or it may involve surgery or other complex treatment as necessary.

We offer free counselling to childless couples where you can send your reports and your questions for free opinion. Our Infertility Expert will study your reports in detail and will give you professional & unbiased opinion regarding your problem of infertility. The Infertility Expert will recommend you on how to achieve pregnancy fast.

Step 2: Investigations

In order to identify the cause of the difficulty, preliminary investigation is essential. This will involve a physical examination and some tests – prescribed based on your medical history, etc. – aimed at narrowing down the probable causes of infertility. These tests may include blood tests, a semen analysis for the male partner, and diagnostic tests of the uterus, ovaries and ovulation for the female partner.

Step 3: Pre-Treatment Investigation

Based on the results of the preliminary counseling, health examination and tests, further investigation will be carried out to determine the treatment options that will are likely to be the most effective for you. You and your fertility professional will then be able to work out a day-to-day treatment regimen that is best suited for you and your partner.

Step 4: Treatment

Once you and your fertility professional have worked out the best treatment plan for you, it is time to begin treatment. Depending on the type of treatment you undergo, hormone therapy, laparoscopic surgery and other procedures may be required. Treatment may take a number of months in order to succeed, and will require regular monitoring by your fertility professional.

Step 5: Review

Once your treatment is successful and you have conceived a child (or in case one treatment cycle has not resulted in a conception) a review consultation is necessary. This will help you and your partner understand and plan for the future. Even once you have conceived a child, certain therapies or treatments may still be required to ensure that your pregnancy is as healthy as possible. Even in case of an unsuccessful treatment cycle, the experience gained will be very useful in planning further treatment.