Treatment Prices

Our Fertility Center offers attractive pricing and packages for infertility treatment. We offer complete transparency in pricing ensuring that you pay for what is your need. Following is the cost / price of our fertility treatments plans in Hyderabad.

You have options to chose from our attractive Multi-Cycle packages or can go to Pay for each Cycle.

Two-Cycle Package

Considering the average success rates of ART, Two-Cycle packages gives patients option for second cycle if the first cycle does not lead to clinical pregnancy at no additional cost. This is a cost effective treatment as it improves the chances of conceiving a baby while keeping your cost lower.

Two Cycle IVF Treatment Procedure Charges

Two Cycle Package – Procedure Charges *



Rs. 1,25,000 + Drugs

* Conditions Apply

Pay for each Cycle

The Pay for each Cycle packages gives you flexibility of taking up one cycle at a time. If the patient needs to go for a second treatment cycle, the same can be done by paying charges for the each cycle. We offer discounts on few charges of the second cycle is within six months of the first cycle.

Pay for Each Cycle IVF Treatment Procedure Charges

Pay for each Cycle – Procedure Charges *



Rs. 75,000 + Drugs

* Conditions Apply

Contact us to if you need any clarification or want to know more about pricing and treatment options. The above prices are subject to change and attract taxes as applicable. Contact us for the latest ART / IVF treatment pricing. We offer one of the most economical and transparent pricing in Hyderabad, Secunderabad for infertility / IVF treatment.