Information for International Patient

Here are some useful tips and information for International Patients whoa re planning to come to Juhi Fertility Centre for treatment from overseas locations.

Check patient information section

The website of Juhi Fertility Centre has detailed information about the specialized treatments, FAQs, Facilities, and our Fertility experts. Our website will give you clear idea of the treatment options, our facilities and doctors. We are committed to provide any further information you need. Click on link below

Patient Information

Talk to our Counselor at International Patients Desk

Our experienced Counselor at International Patients Desk will guide you to plan your visit and consultation with our Fertility experts. Talk to our Consellor at International Patients Desk to schedule a consultation.

If you want to speak to our Fertility Expert before you arrive – you can ask our International Patients Desk to schedule a paid telephonic consultation.

Before you arrive

Before you arrive for Fertility Treatment from overseas you must note following:

Please consult your local doctors before you arrive to Juhi Fertility Centre. You local doctor or medical practitioner will be the one who will be following up on your case after you return. Hence it is advisable to keep them informed about the treatment that you are planning at Juhi Fertility Centre.

Please ask our International Patients Information Kit from our International Patients Desk whic will give you most of the information you need before you arrive.

Even if you have taken telephonic consultation it may be possible that after our Fertility expert physically examins you they may recommend a different course of treatment of alternative options. Physical examination and tests are very imporatnt for treatment.

Travelling to India as Medical Tourist

If you are travelling to India as Medical Tourist you will require a VISA. Our International Patients Desk will help you with any specefic documents that may be required for obtaining visa. Usually a letter from center will be required indicating that you will be coming to us for a treatment.

While Travelling

Ensure safety of your documents like Passport and Visa

What you need to bring

You are required to bring all medical records including doctor’s prescriptions, immunization records, investigation reports like ultrasound, lab-reports etc.

Staying in India

International Patients Desk will help you in arranging your stay in hotels or guest houses based on your budget near to Juhi Fertility Centre.

Fertility Treatments are long and if if you would like to visit few tourist places in India – our International Patients Desk will help you and guide you. At the local level our Travel assistant can organize tours or visit to nearby places of interest.

During treatment

During treatment we recommend you to follow the guidelins given by the Fertility expert very strictly for effective results. Our objective is to ensure successful treatment. Our International Patients Desk for Fertility patients is coimmitted to give you best.