Male Infertility camp by Dr Rupin Shah

Dr Rupin Shah male infertility specialist

Dr Rupin Shah

Dr. Rupin Shah, a Urologist & and male infertility and impotence (Andrology) expert is M.S. in General Surgery and M.Ch. in Urology from Bombay University.

Dr. Rupin Shah has done training in Andrological microsurgery from Belgium. Dr. Shah is the author of several papers and articles and is regarded as an expert in his field.

He is a leading expert in the area of microsurgery for the treatment of men with Azoospermia and microsurgical vasectomy reversal. He has been awarded the prestigious Dr. B. C. Roy National Award by the President of India for developing super-specialty in India. He is a Senior Consultant with Morpheus.

The Fertility camp had an overwhelming response from couples looking for fertility treatment and those with special case needs.