Morpheaus Juhi Fertility Centre Hyderabad Organizes Consultation with German Infertility Specialist

Hope for childless couples at Hyderabad

6th May 2012, Hyderabad, India; There is a ray of hope for couples who are unable to have a baby as Morpheaus Juhi Fertility Centre, Hyderabad Organises Confidential Consultation with German Infertility Specialist on Friday May 11th. The special appointment only consultation with the leading German Fertility Specialist Dr. Michael Dumschat is specially organized by Morpheaus Juhi Fertility Centre, Hyderabad – a part of Indo German Fertility Centers in India.

The special confidential infertility consultation camp in Hyderabad is targeted for couples who are facing either Female or Male Fertility problems.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Nirmala Agrawal, Chief Fertility Expert at Morpheus Juhi Fertility Centre, Hyderabad said – “The female fertility problems include failed previous treatments, recurrent abortions, ovarian cyst, blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, fibroid uterus, endometriosis, and people who require egg donation or surrogacy. While the male fertility problems typically include  low sperm count, azoospermia, sexual dysfunction and varicocele.”

Morpheus Juhi Fertility Centre, Hyderabad has been on the forefront of infertility treatment in Hyderabad since its inception in 2010. This is second such camp organized by Morpheus Juhi Fertility Centre which brings best panel of fertility experts from India and Germany as a hope for the childless couples. In June 2011 also a similar camp was successfully organized by Juhi Fertility Centre where more than 70 couples were consulted.

“During the special camp the couples with infertility issues will be consulted by leading infertility expert from Germany and India. This camp is specially organized for couples who have complex fertility issues and want to consult the overseas experts.” added Dr Nirmala Agrawal.

Those who are interested in consulting the fertility expert, can call for appointment to 0-97030-27868, 093932-22207, 040-2339-3483. Alternatively they can SMS BABY to 53536 or write to The appointments will be given from 11 am onwards on Friday 11th May 2012. The expert will not be consulting without prior appointment. To avoid disappointment at last moment the couples are advised to book a consultation slot immediately by calling the above numbers.

About Morpheus Juhi Fertility centre Hyderabad

The Morpheus Juhi Fertility centre Hyderabad is led by Dr Nirmala Agrawal who is the Core Fertility Expert at the centre. Dr Nirmala Agrawal’s team comprises of fertility specialists committed to providing the best of fertility treatments available across the globe. The Morpheus Juhi Fertility centre is centrally located in Hyderabad and easily accessible by rail, road and air transport for the convenience of local and international patients.

The Fertility Services offered at Juhi Morpheus Fertility center include Confidential Counseling, IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination), IVF (In vitro Fertilization), ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection), Blastocyst culture, Cryopreservation, Surgical sperm retrieval, and Donor programs (Egg / sperm / embryo & Surrogacy).

Morpheus Juhi Fertility centre Hyderabad (leading Infertility Clinics in Hyderabad India) is part of Indo German Fertility Centers  in India backed by Morpheus IVF of Germany. More details about Morpheus Juhi Fertility centres can be found at

About Dr. Michael Dumschat

Dr. Michael Dumschat, M.D., Bad Münder, Germany has been practicing Reproductive Medicine for the past 10 years. He is a member on the Morpheus Board of Directors.

About Dr Nirmala Agrwal

Dr Nirmala Agrawal is a renowned fertility specialist in Hyderabad, and is well known for her competence in the management of infertility, high risk pregnancies and Laparoscopy assisted procedures. Dr Nirmala Agrawal has been trained in IVF and Clinical Embryology from Manipal and Cleveland Clinic, USA. She has received IVF, Advanced Infertility and Human Reproductive Endocrinology training at Bad Münder, Germany. She has participated in various national and international infertility management conferences and is a member of FOGSI, ASRM and ESHRE committee. Dr Nirmala Agrawal is the Core Fertility Specialist at the Morpheus Juhi Fertility Center, Hyderabad – the leading IVF Clinics Hyderabad India. Dr Nirmala Agrawal writes and speaks regularly on treatment of infertility on various forums.

More details about Dr Nirmala Agrawal can be found at her website


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