You claim you offer Ethical Fertility Treatment. What are unethical practices in IVF treatment?

We at Juhi Fertility Center in collaboration with our international partner offer highly Ethical Fertility Treatment in India. Maintaining the international standards set by our partner ensures that we confirm to the worldwide accepted ethical practices in all fertility treatments. Being ethical is one of our differentiating factor and we recommend couples to think twice before choosing your INF treatment partner.

Unethical practices in IVF treatment?

Here are some of the unethical practices in IVF / Infertility treatment?

  • Unethical Test Tube Baby Clinics use the IVF jargon to misinform patients and lead them for unnecessary costly treatment. It is always advisable to consult a second doctor before zeroing on a treatment plan.
  • Many unethical IVF doctors claim high success rates from their clinics just to attract new patients.
  • Many Infertility Clinics resort to unethical practice of exchanging the samples of sperms, eggs, embryos to achieve higher success rates of their clinic.
  • Many Infertility Clinics unnecessarily recommend IVF (costing about Rupees 100,000) instead of IUI (which costs just about 8000 rupees) just for their financial gains.
  • Unethical Fertility centers use patients embryos, or sperms without their permissions. Some of the unethically sell the embryos for financial gains.
  • It is observed that some of the unethical Test Tube Baby Centers take the embryos for donation. However they sell that in open market.
  • It is unethical to take pictures of embryos, pictures of couples (without asking them), pictures of patients in the treatment rooms for financial gains.
  • Many Test Tube Baby Clinics do not have uniform and fair pricing. They tend to charge based on paying capacity of patient and not on the basis of cost of treatment.
  • Run of the mill Fertility centers do not follow any set procedure, they usually do not have any documentation or files. Good IVF centers maintain the complete records such as Number of eggs, quality of eggs, number of embryos etc.

At Juhi Fertility Center we ensure international ethical standards and take pride in ourselves being ethical provider of quality infertility treatment while maintaining the international best practices in IVF treatment.