What are the Causes of Infertility?

The Causes of Infertility include:

  • Unexplained (27%)
  • Male factor (24%)
  • Anovulation (21%)
  • Tubal factors(14%)
  • Endometriosis (6%)
  • Sexual dysfunction (6%)
  • Mucus hostility (3%)

As mentioned above the infertility has been briefly explained as “the inability to get pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse.”

It is known that survey suggest that Infertility is diagnosed is seen in approximately 15 percent or one in seven couples facing infertility.

In other words infertility is not a sexual or mental problem – instead, it is a medical disorder.

This medical condition can be treated regular interval; whatsoever, infertility is often a complicate issue, as many aspects in both a man and/or a woman can assist to it.

But no need to worry at all, there is good news for you is that diagnosis and treatment of infertility has advanced quickly in the past many decades.

There is cent percent success in treating infertility is increasing, and on the other hand researchers, analysers dig more about the issue and they are successful to get the right ideas and to produce new treatment options. Today, infertility is no longer a secret to be closely helped.